A fellow ebonite monk


Senji is an ebonite monk. Unlike Shun, Senji’s physical features resemble those of a sturdy lighthouse. Tall and muscled, Senji stands almost 6’1" feet tall. His dark eyes and tanned skin, broad build and somewhat pointy teeth suggest an orcish ascendence, although very faint. It is obvious, though, that his sturdy physique stands in the way when Senji tries to run or dodge attacks.

Despite his fearful appearance, Shun remembers Senji is a peaceful, shy and socially awkward fellow mate, who would rather enjoy the company of books rather than that of his colleagues.


Although Senji rarely spoke of it, it was commonly known that he was raised by monks ever since he was months old, as he was found abandoned within the walls of the temple. One of the few times when Senji commented with Shum about his past was when he confessed he resented the loneliness of growing among such detached men, who could have never provided him the warmth of a mother’s hug, neither the sense of companionship of a brother nor the fulfilling sensation of being part of a true family.


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